The Portland Colour Library

The Portland Colour Library forms part of a diptych created by Stig Evans for the Olympics in Weymouth and Portland 2012.

The Victorian Colour Library will be exhibited in Portland Museum, the contemporary interactive version will be exhibited at the Portland end of Chesil Beach, at Quiddles.

The Old Library

Discovered in an attic in London in the late 1990’s, the anonymous Portland Colour Library is a unique object from the early part of the 20th century. Lovingly restored, the 42 colour ’swatches’ are housed in a bespoke hardwood box that appears to reveal a personal recording of the distinctive colours from the unique flora and fauna found on Portland.
Not much is known of the author of the Library. It was found in a poor condition in 1998 in an attic in London. It is difficult to date but could be as early as 1850 but also as late as 1910. Pigment identification reveals a broad selection of pigments have been used. These range from the common earth colours, ochres and umbers, to more rarer pigments such as Emerald green, Indian yellow, Mummy and sepia.
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The New Library

As Part of the B- side multimedia festival in Portland and Weymouth from Wednesday the 29th August until Sunday 9th September Stig Evans will be on Chesil Beach outside Quiddles Cafe with the new Library,
Please come and visit the Library and choose a name for the colours of the new Library.
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